"Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Grow Awesome Sprouts, Any-where, Any-time of Year, Even Without a Yard!"

Now ANYONE Can Have a Garden and Harvest Within A Week and Enjoy These Special Superfoods.

I know that is a pretty powerful statement, but I wanted to catch your attention.  If you give me 10 minutes to read this letter, I will prove that sprouts truly transform you and your meals!


From Suzanne Thomas
Environmental Biologist and Health Motivator
Founder of Inspire Balanced Wellness, Creator of Sproutology

Wheatgrass and Greens ready to harvest.

Hi, my name is Suzanne Thomas. Here I am with my fresh garden of lovely, nutrient dense, chlorophyll power-packed, sprouts. I have wheatgrass, pea shoot and sunny greens that are ready to harvest. Earlier in the week, I harvested cabbage and radish sprouts for black-bean burgers and made sprouted buckwheat cereal.

Do you know that sprouts grow in as few as 3 days…even without a yard or garden!

From my own results I can say, sprouting at home is very rewarding. There is little that compares to growing your own food.It is empowering to watch your food grow!

 “More in a garden grows than what the gardener sows” – Spanish Proverb

And sprouting is the best way for a surefire quick harvest. Because the Sproutology method teaches you to grow sprouts inside, you don’t have to deal with bugs or needing a ton of space to garden. It is the sure-fire way for success.

It’s True Gardening Outside Has Its Challenges.

Let’s face it, bugs and pests are a real problem to the home gardener. Look at this cabbage leaf. It has been eaten to look like Swiss cheese.

Growing Cabbage Outside Is Hard

Plus, you need a large yard or small farm to have enough space for plants for mature outside. To compare cabbage grown outside with a cabbage sprout grown inside with the Sproutology method, it’s pretty eye-opening. The cabbage outside will take 3-4 months till its ready to harvest, the cabbage sprouts  take will 10 days max till harvest.

However,  not just the harvest time and space required are condensed with sprouts…

So is the nutrition! That is why sprouts are superfoods, and often called nutritional powerhouses.

Growing Radish Sprouts is Fun

Sprouts contains exponentially more nutrients than the mature adult plant. Scientific studies have proven that plants have the most nutritional value the first two weeks of thier tlfe.
Just after the seed has germinated and sprouted!

 For example : Broccoli sprouts have up to fifty times more cancer fighting antioxidant (Sulforaphane) than broccoli alone.

             WOW! That’s Concentrated power!

Here’s More Fun Sprout Facts:

Radish sprouts have more vitamin C than a pineapple. And Lentil sprouts are 26% protein. Clover Sprouts have the highest levels of isoflavones of any sprout variety, which have been proven to have powerful anti-cancer. The famous captain James Cook ordered his sailors to eat lime, lemon and sprouts, all abundant sources of Vitamin C to avoid scurvy. The Chinese have been growing and eating mung bean sprouts for over 5,000 years!

Home Sprouting is Fun!

Growing sprouts is rewarding for the home gardener because they grow really fast and tend to have a large yield.  It feels really good to  eat a substantial amount of homegrown food  and take action for sustainability. Sprouting at home is environmentally responsible – there is no shipping or no plastic packaging for your delicious sprouts! You can harvest the same week you get started! We are talking 3-4 days for some sprouts from soak to eat! I’ve been growing sprouts for almost a decade now. During that time I have grown and harvested sprouts year-round in some very different climates. I’ve sprouted in freezing Tahoe Winters, blistering hot Mojave Summers, pleasant Peachland B.C.  – and even always humid Florida. I am here to tell you – Sprouts Grow Any-Where – They are an Amazing Superfood – And It’s Simple! I am so pleased I discovered this wonderful technique that solved my gardening woes and provides abundant superfoods!

Sprouts are Awesome Superfoods you Can Grow Right in Your Kitchen!

You might be thinking, even if sprouts are so great, why did I take the time to create Sproutology?

This is probably the first time you have landed upon this site and I’d like to take a minute to introduce myself and why I made this creation Sproutology.

My name is Suzanne Thomas and I’ve spent most of my life living on the west coast. I’m a California girl that grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada  and I’ve always been a tree hugger with  a desire to protect the environment and speak for things without voices.

I graduated college in 2002 with a Bachelor in Science in Botany and Environmental Biology.

Being a positive person and always wanting to work toward a solution instead of the problem; I had started a blog Be Well With Sue to create a positive outlet to inspire balanced healthy living with practical raw food. I was already sharing my favorite recipes and natural living tips and folks wanted to know more. My co-workers would stare at my green smoothies or “green gremlins” as they would call them and later ask,  “what is in that?” I founded Inspire Balanced Wellness in 2010 to offer health coaching and start teaching my practical raw secrets.

Other people wanted to know how I lost 30 pounds and kept it off.

Sprouts were a huge part of my personal transformation. With eating sprouts on a regular basis I lost 30 pounds! My weight loss story was not the first with living foods!

As Dr. Ann Wigmore, who discovered the power of blended sprouts and greens writes in The Sprouting Book “With the Living Food Lifestyle, there is an average weight loss of four to fifteen pounds per week…Easy-to-digest, nutritious, and cleansing sprouts, greens, and other living foods are the key. …The pungent, cleansing sprouts radish, fenugreek, cabbage, alfalfa, and clover are especially good for weight loss”

Sprouts are a living superfood you can grow yourself.

When I experienced the power of sprouts and realized sprouts had played a major role to transform my body and empower sustainable food production at home – I had to share the knowledge with as many people as possible. I knew I could write a good book, and with the help of my colleagues and foodie friends collect some amazing sprout recipes. It all started with Sproutology: The Ultimate Home Sprouting Guide ebook. For a 5 year period I bought every sprouting book I could find,  and dove into the DVDs available I could find on sprouting. I was trying different seeds, different recipes and various sprouting methods. I discovered that Ann Wigmore had established some healing camps with sprouts and I was inspired to have a retreat center one day. I was all so inspired to create a companion DVD for Sproutology.

On the Sproutology Set

My dream became to show people around the world how to sprout with a comprehensive full package that includes a step-by-step manual full of pictures, over 75 minutes of video tutorials, a quick start chart, and over 40 delicious healthy recipes. I created a home study course that would accessible 24/7 no matter where you live. That way I could show people the exact tricks I have learned over the years and step-by-step proven method to grow the best sprouts.

I want You to Enjoy a FRESH harvest….ah yes!

Live Sproutology Class South Lake Tahoe, April 2012

After the production of the video and writing the book (which took 5 years!)  I started speaking about how to grow sprouts.

Why so much excitement over growing sprouts?

Sprouts are nutritional powerhouses and Sproutology is my great work to help make the world a greener healthier place!

You know that rush of energy after a wheatgrass shot? You can really feel the living energy! Would like to grow your own fresh wheatgrass at home and save money? A shot of wheatgrass grown at home will cost 33 cents, compared to 4-5 dollars at a juice bar.

You will all so learn how to save money by growing your own sprouted mung beans, lentils, fenugreek, garbanzo, hulled sunflower, pumpkin, quinoa and millet.

As well as the super popular sunny greens and pea shoots grown in soil.

Are You Ready to Get Your Awesome Sprouts Growing This Week?

I’ve found a way to garden and grow superfoods very inexpensively in as little as 3-7 days.

I will show you how to that…

And even grow sprouts while traveling.

You will NEVER get bored with your salads and smoothies and ALWAYS have fresh organic food!



Sustainable, Inspirational and Fun

Sproutology: Green Thumb Membership!

I created Sproutology when I saw how many people were struggling to grow food due to their climate or location. If I could teach just one person how to grow food for themselves, it would help make the world greener. If I could create a tribe of people growing  fresh sprouts, then we are moving to more sustainable world – green and healthy!

The response has been WONDERFUL. Sproutology has gone international with members in Canada, US and Brazil.

Here’s what Joy said:

“My seven year old grand baby is now sprouting as well”

“Thank you Sue! I have been sprouting . My son just came to visit from Calgary and I will give him all my seeds to take home to Sprout. We ate our sprouts fresh today on salmon sandwiches, and strangely, my son ate a mound of them atop his chicken Parmesan . I guess you can eat them on anything.
My seven year old grand baby is now sprouting as well . She did a variety and was thrilled. Thank you.”  ~ Joy Thoreson



Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  Sproutology Module 1: Introduction to Sproutology

Here you’ll discover:

  •  How to Get a Healthy Glow
  •  What does FRESH START stand for
  •  Why Sprouts are So Important with the Practical Raw Food Lifestyle

  Sproutology Module 2: The Amazing World of Sprouts

This Module with show you:

  •  Which Sprout is a Liver Cleanser
  •  The Amazing Diversity of Sprouts
  •  Sue’s favorite seeds for beginner sprouters
  Sproutology Module 3: What is A Sprout and The Benefits of Sprouting

Here you’ll learn:

  •  About the Miracle of Germination
  •  Why Sprouts Are called “Powerhouses”
  •  Sue’s Top 5 Reasons for Sprouting
  Sproutology Module 4: Selecting Your Sprouting Seeds

Here you’ll discover:

  •  What seeds NOT to sprout
  •  Which grain has never been genetically modified
  •  Not all seeds are created equal
  •  Where to Get the Best Sprouting Seeds
  Sproutology Module 5: Sprouting Equipment

Here you’ll stumble upon:

  •  DIY sprouting equipment
  •  How to SAVE MONEY on Soil
  •  What sprouting equipment to avoid
  Sproutology Module 6: How to Sprout Microgreens

Here you’ll be amazed with:

  •  The 3 step Sproutology process to ensure sprouting success
  •  What causes sprouts to rot
  •  The perfect harvest time for maximum nutrition and taste
  Sproutology Module 7: Sprouting Nuts and Seeds on the Counter

Here you’ll discover:

  •  How to get Fat ‘n Juicy mung bean sprouts
  •  The trick to sprout Adzuki beans
  •  How to store your sprouts so they last longer
  Sproutology Module 8: How to Grow Greens and Grasses

Here you’ll find:

  •  Exactly how to grow Awesome Wheatgrass, Pea Shoots & Sunny Greens
  •  How to have a Zen Moment with your sprouts
  •  A Canadian ninja trick to get super strong roots while saving soil
  •  How to get 2 Harvests from 1 planting
  Sproutology Module 9: Harvest Greens and Grasses

Here you’ll recognize:

  •  How to Properly Cut Down Greens and Grasses for Harvest
  •  Best Practices to Store Greens and Grasses (they last up to 2 weeks with this method)
  Sproutology Module 10: Solutions to Common Sprouting Problems

Here you’ll see:

  •  How to Avoid Mold and What to do if you see it
  •  How to avoid the 2 common mistakes most beginners make
  •  My Sprouting mis-hap in Yosemite National Park
  Sproutology Module 11: Recipe Demonstration

This module is probably my favorite. In the recipe module you’ll see:

  •  How to make Wheatgrass taste good (not like you’re eating the lawn!)
  •  How to Make a Live Lentil Salad
  •  How to Make Sunny Day Dressings (an incredible vegan, gluten free, dairy free, guilt free dressing
  Sproutology Module 12: Action Steps

Here you’ll find:

  •  What to do to harvest your first sprouts this week!
  •  The best place to get your sprouting seeds.
  • What to Do If you Have a ? ( I am here for your sprouting success!)

These are SOME of the bullet points from the course. There is more sprouting education inside Sproutology waiting for you.

With the Sproutology Green Thumb Membership you’ll be a master of all 4 areas of the ultimate home sprouter:

  •  The Ultimate Shopper
  •  The Storage Expert
  •  The Grower
  •  The Healthy Eater

This is one of my favorite recipes from the Sproutology ebook:

Here’s What Other People Say About Sproutology:

“Create really tasty, nutrient dense (very important for our little one) inexpensive salads”

Sproutology provided a whole new realm of ideas – ways to create really tasty, nutrient
rich (very important for our little one), inexpensive salads. So thank you for taking the
time to create and teach Sproutology. ~ Andrew Drew

“It was awesome”

Finished Sproutology Video last night!!! It was awesome. Got my Starwest catalog out
and so excited for Sunnys! And the Sunny dressing! Nice work Sue! ~ Amy High

“I am using them in salads, sandwiches, stir fry’s, soups, omelet’s
everything and all alone.”

Hi Sue

Well, I just ate my third and best batch of mung bean sprouts. Thank you so much for
getting me started with sprouting! It has been the most amazing experience to grow
and eat my own healthy, tasty creations. equally humbling and empowering at the same

It started with your Sproutology video, the sprouting starter set and organic mung
beans. The first batch was good, after five days they had grown one to two inch tales.
They were plump and juicy. I tossed them quickly in a hot stainless steel pan, with
sesame oil and sesame seeds, served over brown rice-yummy! The sprouts have an
amazing nutty flavor, lightly crisp and juicy in texture. I added them to scrambled eggs
or to miso soup with tofu and spinach leaves.the second batch was better.

By then I was grabbing a pinch, about a tablespoon to just munch on whenever I stood
in front of the fridge looking for something to eat. this is great, I thought to myself, better
then reaching for chips, candy, left overs. The last batch is the best yet, with crisp tales
up to three inches. I am using them in salads, sandwiches, stir fry’s, soups, omelet’s
everything and all alone.

I am inspired to try new things. next will be radish and peas!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Patches Ragsdale

I loved Sproutology.”

I loved Sproutology.  I’m soaking garbanzos and millet now! ~  Jessica Cummingham
“I eat them like popcorn at my computer desk”

Since watching Sue’s Sproutology Video I keep sprouting mostly mung beans — I eat them like popcorn at my computer or for quick snacks. Great for travel too! I also sprout sunflower seeds and lentils but mung beans are my favorite. ~Pam M.

I promise YOU too can grow your own food and save cash on superfoods!

I am here to guide you step by step.

Sprouting will improve the quality of your meals if you’re a strict raw food vegan, vegetarian or meat eater.

These simple home sprouting techniques are GUARANTEED to work for you.


 Why The  Sproutology Green Thumb Membership

is Different from ANYTHING ELSE… 

I understand everyone has different kitchens available for growing- and different questions along the way. I  value diversity and no question will be left unanswered!

After teaching classes and working with hundreds of people to grow their own fresh food, I have discovered how to adapt the program to be FUN, INSPIRING and EDUCATIONAL.

Sproutology has gone International with members in Canada, Brazil and the United States! It is the ultimate home-study course in home sprouting! With Sproutology we make sure you not only know everything you need to grow delicious sprouts – but all so have plenty of recipes to enjoy your fresh sprouts.  By joining the club you get “a green thumb guarantee to grow sprouts”,   special deals on seeds  & you get  motivation and support.

Here’s How the Sproutology Green Thumb Membership Works…

You’ll get instant access to all 12 Video Modules


Video 1: Introduction to Sproutology
Video 2: The Amazing World of Sprouts
Video 3: What is a Sprout & the Benefits of Sprouting
Video 4: Selecting Your Sprouting Seeds
Video 5: Sprouting Equipment
Video 6: How to Sprout Microgreens
Video 7: Sprouting Nuts and Seeds on the Counter
Video 8: How to Grow Greens and Grasses
Video 9: How to Harvest Greens and Grasses
Video 10: Solutions to Common Sprouting Problems
Video 11: Recipe Demonstrations
Video 12: Actions Steps


Plus you all so get Sproutology: The Ultimate Home Sprouting Guide ebook

  •  Step by Step Sprouting Guide
  • Includes Over 40 recipes collected from Ken Rohla, Mimi Kirk, Rita Marie Loscalzo, Brenda Cobb, Sprout People and my favorite sprout creations.

I’ve been told that I make healthy living fun and healthy recipes that do not taste like cardboard!


The Sproutology Ebook has many tasty recipes:


Lively Lemonaide

FJ 25

Apple Coconut Sprout Smoothie

Energy Sprout Smoothie

Tasty Budget Milk

…..and more drinks supercharged with sprouts!


Live Lentil Salad (pictured above)

Sunny Day Dressing

Asian Sprout Salad

Curry Cabbage Lentil Salad

Sprouted Lentil Curry

Chunky Cheese Salad

Cucumber Seaweed Salad

60 Second Superfood Salad

Sprout Salad with Avocado Spinach Dressing

…..and more amazing salads supercharged with sprouts!


Grateful for Rainy Days

Sweet Pea Soup


Unconditional Love Wrap

Garbanzo Sunflower Loaf

Power Grawnola

Rawesome Chili

Superior Taco

……and more!!!


Salty Sunny’s

Buckwheat Basecamp

Veggie Sprout Relish

Sprout Pepper Hummus

Spicy San Francisco Sprout Snack

……and more sprout goodness!!! Snacking on sprouts directly, by simply grabbing a pinch is great too ;)


Chia Pudding

Chocolate Torte

I know the dessert list is short! Who would think you could use sprouts in desserts?

Well they are incredible!

I am developing more supercharged dessert recipes with sprouts for the Sproutology members

like the Sprouted Buckwheat Truffle. Yum! 


Are you ready to join Sproutology and experience the rewards of home grown food,
super fresh salads, and amazing snacks?

I take you by the hand and personally walk you through the entire process step by step from seed to harvest!

Grab your instant access to the  Sproutology Green Thumb Club now and you’ll get the following bonuses:

  • Bonus # 1 The Sproutology Quick Start Chart $7.99 Value
  • Bonus # 2 A FREE Copy of my upcoming recipe book “Manly Meals: Recipes and Survival Skills for Healthy Eating in Today’s World $24.99 Value
  • Bonus # 3 A Surprise Bonus I think you’ll Love! $14.99 Value

 Don’t Let This Happen to Your Sprouts:

Sad Sunny Greens...

Or This:


Nasty red clover sprouts...


With Sproutology You’ll Grow Awesome Sprouts:



mung bean and wheat berry sprouts


Join Sproutology now so you can harvest this week!

So what is your investment?

People have paid 27.97 for the DVD and 27.97 for the ebook and I know the information is worth every penny. I want happy sprouters- that is why, if you don’t like Sproutology and it doesn’t work out for you, all you need to do is let me know within 60 days and I will promptly refund all your money.

It is that simple. I’ll put my money where my mouth is, because I know voting with our dollar is powerful. If you don’t like it, don’t pay for it? Easy!

 When people join the membership I offer a combo deal because l I know some people want both the video modules and book. The Membership usually cost 39.95. That is a great deal compared to if you bought the physical DVD and book separately.

I am going to be totally open here. I know Sproutology will save you time and cash & fast track your harvest. I know its worth every penny of the 39.95 I usually charge. That is why I am happy to offer a 100% refund and stand behind Sproutology if you don’t like it. But I really want solar panels for my trailer this summer! By offering the Sproutology Green Thumb membership at a super deal I can teach more people to sprout (making the world greener!) and save for solar panels!

Because April is Earth Month.

It’s time we ALL go a little greener, commit to sustainable activities in our lives and grow food!

SAVE 45% OFF!!!

Till the end of April 2013, I am having a 45% off solar sale on the Sproutology Green Thumb membership.

I’ve cut the price to only $ 21.97. You’ll get the Sproutology ebook and all 12 video modules, PLUS the special bonuses!

“Growing your own food is like printing your own money” – Ron Finley

I am thrilled to offer you the Sproutology Green Thumb Club Membership at a discounted price. I want to make sure you have the opportunity to join the club of home sprouters and grow your own food.

Now, you can have lifetime access to the Sproutology Green Thumb Club for only $21.97.

This special offer is  good until midnight on April 30, 2013. So if are feeling like you’re ready to grow some fresh food this year – don’t delay, join us to start sprouting today!

The seeds are awaiting your sprouting mastery!

And hey, what if  a small investment of less than 30 bucks impacted your life forever? For the BEST!

Join the sprouting movement today! You are ready for enzyme rich living food grown fresh in your kitchen – you are ready for Sproutology! And remember, I put my money where my mouth is…if you don’t like Sproutology…don’t pay for it!

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with Sproutology -Let us know for your money back. We want happy sprouters! And furthermore, we are so confident you’ll love Sproutology it seems natural to take all the risk for teaching you how to sprout.


Here’s What To Do Now:

Click the button below to “Add to Cart”. After you do that, you’ll be taken to the PayPal page to complete your order and then get your Sproutology Green Thumb user name and password. You’ll be sprouting like a pro and adding enzyme rich, nutrient dense sprouts to your food this week!


YES Sue! I am ready to join the club of home sprouters!

Digital Access- Instant Download
Means No Shipping Costs and You can Start Today!

 I’m ready to join the Sproutology Club and get instant access to the Green Thumb Membership that includes:

♦ 12 Video Modules for Sprouting at Home

♦ The Sproutology Ebook with Step by Step plans and over 40 raw recipes with sprouts

♥ The Sproutology Quick Start Chart

♦ Manly Meals: Recipes and Survival Skills for Healthy Eating in Today’s World

Plus a Surprise Bonus!

And thanks for making it risk free with your 60 Day Unconditional Guarantee!

Not $39.99 regular price. Claim yours today for the Earth Month Sale Price of only $21.97!

(45% Off Solar Special Only valid  April 26-30, 2013)


Important Note: the Sproutology Green Thumb Membership is 100% DIGITAL. After ordering, you will be sent to a secure, private members only area to access the video and book. No Physical copies will be shipped. This Earth Day Sale is truly green!

 Click the Add to Cart button to Sign Up Now!


I hope to see you in the Green Thumb Club and support you in becoming a home sprouter!


With Love for Mother Earth,
Fresh Food, and
Healthy Families,

Suzanne Thomas



P.S. Considering the money-back guarantee, and how much money you can save by growing your own sprouts, you have nothing to lose. If you made it this far, you owe it to yourself to spend less than $22 bucks  to learn how to grow and fuel yourself with fresh home-grown superfoods for life!


P.P.S. While most of the recipes in the first edition of the Sproutology ebook are vegan, you DO NOT need to be vegan to enjoy homegrown sprouts. For example, A Sproutology student in South Lake Tahoe loves radish sprouts on turkey burgers. The “Manly Meals: Recipes and Survival Skills for Healthy Eating in Today’s World”  bonus recipe book contains more cooked recipes than raw food vegan recipes. With Sproutology you can discover the world of sprouts and enjoy sprouts cooked up or fresh and raw.





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