This information is what juice bars and grocery stores hope you never find....

How to grow amazing sprouts at home, anytime of year, even in a small apartment with little space.



Dear Friend,

This information may change your meals forever.

I am so stoked to share this with you!

You’ll see How to Get Superfoods for pennies on the dollar.

I want to show you how to grow sprouts- Anywhere, Anytime of year.

Seriously you can sprout in Alaska, Tahoe, Florida or the Philippines…it doesn’t

matter where you live or love to travel – sprouting is good for you.

Sprouting  will make you feel energetic, self -sufficient, and sexy!

Before we go any further, I’d like to introduce myself.

My name is Sue Thomas and I’m probably a lot like you.

I used to not know how to grow my own living superfoods and garden indoors…

And one day I went to a raw food un-cooking class and was

introduced to home sprouting and fell in LOVE.


The unfortunate problem these days is most food is highly processed and loaded with

preservatives and artificial ingredients that do nothing to promote health,

but rather put on extra weight and make us feel fat and lazy.

I want to hold your hand and show you exactly, step by step, how to grow your own delicious sprouts.

Like these broccoli sprouts:








and Sunny Greens:












and Juicy, Yummy Mung beans sprouts + many more:















Okay you be wondering why sprout? What is the big excitement for growing your own sprouts and microgreens?

As a biologist and botanist when I discovered sprouting at home, I was fascinated with the variety of sprouts I could grow and eat. I studied every book and video I could find on sprouting at home and Sproutology is my multiple year study condensed to help fast track you to become a sprouting expert.

You will have a green thumb! Sprouting at home is fun and rewarding.

It is a true joy to inspire healthier meals the whole family will enjoy.

It is not your fault that the organic healthy health food options are always more expensive

than commercial mass produced food.

But there is a little known simple solution.

SPROUTING at home!!! And we are talking about growing more than just alfalfa sprouts and mung bean sprouts.

You can grow your sprouts easily and quickly in 3 days!

This is the very first program I have put together and

I am stoked to have you join the club and become a sprouter.


I had to bring the joys of home sprouting to you!

Some benefits of sprouting at home:

  • Fun and Rewarding for You and the Family
  • Sprouts are Nutritional Powerhouses
  • Enjoy more salads and trying new sprouts
  • Save Money Growing Your Own Superfood



Sproutology Green Thumb can transform your life if:

  • You are concerned about the rising price of organic health food
  • You want a low calorie – high nutrient dense food
  • You want to ensure your food is clean and pure from toxins
  • Want healthy recipes you can make in less than 30 min
  • You Want to Garden but don’t think you have time or space


Sproutology was created for you to share the passion and rewards of home sprouting.


Sproutology condenses over 5 years of intense sprouting research…growing every type of sprout seed, testing recipes

and learning all the best sprouting tricks and ninja moves to save money while sprouting at home.

The Asian cultures have been sprouting mung beans for over 5000 years. Sprouting is time tested and proven to promote weight loss.

Sproutology was made to show you how to connect with your food and take back control of the grocery bill.


I promise YOU can grow your own food and save cash on superfoods.

I am here to guide you step by step.

Sprouting will improve the quality of your meals if you’re a strict raw food vegan, vegetarian or meat eater.

These simple home sprouting techniques are GUARANTEED to work for you.

You don’t need a green thumb to grow Sprouts!


With The  Sproutology Home Study Course you will see everything you need to become a home sprouter step by step.


You’ll get instant access to all 12 Video Modules


Video 1: Introduction to Sproutology
Video 2: The Amazing World of Sprouts
Video 3: What is a Sprout & the Benefits of Sprouting
Video 4: Selecting Your Sprouting Seeds
Video 5: Sprouting Equipment
Video 6: How to Sprout Microgreens
Video 7: Sprouting Nuts and Seeds on the Counter
Video 8: How to Grow Greens and Grasses
Video 9: How to Harvest Greens and Grasses
Video 10: Solutions to Common Sprouting Problems
Video 11: Recipe Demonstrations
Video 12: Actions Steps


You all so get Sproutology: The Ultimate Home Sprouting Guide

  •  Step by Step Sprouting Guide
  • Includes Over 40 recipes collected from Ken Rohla, Mimi Kirk, Rita Marie Loscalzo, Brenda Cobb, Sprout People and my favorite sprout creations.


You’ll experience the rewards of home grown food,
super fresh salads, and amazing snacks.
The living foods make you feel more energetic while promoting a healthy weight!

You’ll be so happy to easily save money on your grocery bills.

You’ll never get bored eating the same salads or superfood smoothies again!

Imagine walking into your kitchen and harvesting your own garden of sunflower greens, lentil sprouts, mung bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, or other types of sprouts for pennies a pound.

You can seriously grow your own wheatgrass for 3-5 cents for a 2 oz shot.

The savings continue with sprouted broccoli seeds. You can grow your own for 50 cents instead of 4 bucks.

The awesome thing about sprouting seeds is that they are designed to store until the perfect growing time.

You can always have super fresh home grown produce.

And when you sprout, it is simple how they save you money.

The seeds literally expand and double in size and the nutrient value expands too as the seed germinates!

Sprouting brings the miracle of life into your kitchen!


Join the club of home sprouters today so you can harvest this week!

How pleased will be feel when you enjoy your first batch of new sprouts?


Here is what others are saying about Sproutology:


I loved Sproutology.  I’m soaking garbanzos and millet now!
– Jessica Cummingham, South Lake Tahoe, CA


Since watching Sue’s Sproutology Video I keep sprouting mostly mung beans — I eat

them like popcorn at my computer or for quick snacks. Great for travel too! I also

sprout sunflower seeds and lentils but mung beans are my favorite.

– Pam M. Eugene, Oregon


Finished Sproutology Video last night!!! It was awesome. Got my Starwest catalog out
and so excited for Sunnys! And the Sunny dressing! Nice work Sue.

Amy High Auburn Ca


Hi Sue

Well, I just ate my third and best batch of mung bean sprouts. Thank you so much for
getting me started with sprouting! It has been the most amazing experience to grow
and eat my own healthy, tasty creations. equally humbling and empowering at the same

It started with your Sproutology video, the sprouting starter set and organic mung
beans. The first batch was good, after five days they had grown one to two inch tales.
They were plump and juicy. I tossed them quickly in a hot stainless steel pan, with
sesame oil and sesame seeds, served over brown rice-yummy! The sprouts have an
amazing nutty flavor, lightly crisp and juicy in texture. I added them to scrambled eggs
or to miso soup with tofu and spinach leaves.the second batch was better.

By then I was grabbing a pinch, about a tablespoon to just munch on whenever I stood
in front of the fridge looking for something to eat. this is great, I thought to myself, better
then reaching for chips, candy, left overs. The last batch is the best yet, with crisp tales
up to three inches. I am using them in salads, sandwiches, stir fry’s, soups, omelet’s
everything and all alone.

I am inspired to try new things. next will be radish and peas!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Patches Ragsdale, Roseville Ca


I had the pleasure of watching the Sproutology Video with my boyfriend the other night
& we loved it! IT inspired both of us!

– Annissa A., Austin Tx


Sproutology provided a whole new realm of ideas – ways to create really tasty, nutrient
rich (very important for our little one), inexpensive salads. So thank you for taking the
time to create and teach Sproutology.

Andrew Drew, South Lake Tahoe, CA


Sprouting at home is a complete game changer for having more energy, losing weight

and saving money on superfoods. I am thrilled to offer you the Sproutology Green Thumb Study Course at a 50% savings during the  Holiday Sale December 2, 2013 to December 31, 2013 . This year we are giving $1 dollar for each membership sold during the Holiday Season to a local food bank. It is our way of paying it forward and you make it possible.

The Sproutology Home Study Course with 12 Video Modules and

The Sproutology Ultimate Home Sprouting Guide

Get Your Green Thumb Membership During the 2013 Holiday Sale

for 50% OFF $39.95. That’s a one time payment of  just $19.97.

  • Start saving on groceries!
  • Enjoy having more energy!
  • Side effects of weight loss, clear skin and happy moods are very possible!
  • Enjoy the rewards of being a home gardener and harvest this week!
Click the Add to Cart button and Grab Your Spot Now!



For the first time you can give The Sproutology Green Thumb Membership as a gift. 


“WOW, awesome!”


The gift Green Thumb Membership and the standard membership both come with our 60 day money back guarantee.


Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with Sproutology -Let us know for your money back. We want happy sprouters! 


Here is a sample of the delicious recipes:

Live Lentil Salad


3 c sprouted lentils

3 stalks celery

½ red bell pepper

1 carrot

¼ medium red onion

½ bunch of parsley


2 tbsp lemon juice

1/3 c olive oil

½ tsp sea salt

Feta cheese (optional)

  1. Sprout lentils! Chop vege’s and parsley.
  2. Mix sprouted lentils, carrots, celery, red bell pepper, red onion and parsley in a large bowl
  3. Juice one lemon, 2 tbsp is good for the dressing
  4. In a separate smaller bowl mix lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt with a fork
  5. Pour dressing on salad and mix
  6. Top with feta cheese (optional)
Asian Sprout Salad
2 cups mung bean sprouts
1/2 cup cucumber
1/2 cup carrot
1/2 cup red bell pepper


2 Tbs. raw tahini
1 Tbs. Nama Shoyu raw soy sauce
2 Tbs. fresh lemon juice
2 medjool dates
2 Tbs. sesame oil
2 tsp. fresh ginger
1 clove garlic
1 Tbs. green onions
Chop the cucumbers, carrots and red pepper. Mix all vegetables and sprouts in a bowl.
Pit the dates. Blend all the dressing ingredients in the Vita-Mix and pour over the sprouts and vegetable mix and toss until well coated.


The physical book and DVD have sold individually for 27.97 each.

But you are not going to pay 55.95 for the digital version of the book and video.

Remember,  you will easily make your money back in one month with the grocery bill savings from sprouting at home.

I want to make sprouting at home super fun and enjoyable for you.

So you too can feel the benefits of living food! Living food = more life!

No way, will you pay full price of 55.95 as a digital student.

As a Sproutology  Student you get instant access to both the ebook and video

Modules for the one time price of $19.97 (Holiday Sale December 2, 2013 to December 31, 2013).

Lets face it, the price of healthy food is on the rise and we all want to get a good value.

You know doing it yourself (DIY) saves money and often times turns out better.

When I discovered sprouting at home -it was a dream come true.

Home grown sprouts can be harvested at the perfect time and avoid all the

costs and impacts of transportation to the grocery store.

Finally, a healthy superfood that is truly raw and will save you money!

Get access to ALL my diva sprouting secrets inside Sproutology.


Don’t let this happen to your sprouts
Sad Sunny Greens…



Or this…


Nasty red clover sprouts…


With Sproutology You’ll Grow Awesome Sprouts!




And you get over 40 recipes to make delicious meals in less than 30 minutes.

Once you discover sprouting – you’ll be a home gardener in as little as a week!

I am happy to guarantee sprouts will grow for you. And if you don’t like Sproutology, simply return it for a full refund.

 Here is what to do for your green thumbs:


Grab the Sproutology Home Study Course Now and start sprouting!

 Sign up for only $19.97 before midnight December 31, 2013 to save 50%



Here is what to do to GIVE THE GIFT of green thumbs:


Give the Sproutology Green Thumb Membership Now!

Grab the gift today for only $19.97 before midnight 12/31/2013 to save 50%

Enjoy the living energy of homegrown sprouts!


This year I am really excited because we are giving $1 to a local food bank for every Sproutology Green Thumb membership sold between 11/28/2013 to 12/31/2013. It warms my heart to know that people are eating better and we are making such a difference. Growing your own food and giving. It is a green Win-Win

Healthy Stocking stuffers!


Your friend in vibrant health,



P.S. Sprouting at home is excellent for raw foodists and anyone looking to eat high quality clean food. I am happy to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee to take away any risk for you growing sprouts. The most important thing is that you see for yourself what sprouts can do for you!!!


  • The Sproutology Home Study Course contains over 5 years of home sprouting experience in humid to dry climates condensed into must know sprouting info.
  • Discover what juice bars would never want you to learn to save yourself $3 per shot on wheatgrass
  • You’ll see everything! How to grow, harvest, and EAT alfalfa, wheatgrass, lentil and so many more types of sprouts!
  • Find out why sprouts are nutritionally superior to the seeds they came from
  • Forever rid the fear you don’t have a green thumb
  • Discover ninja-like gardening secrets when growing greens to save soil, get strong roots and huge sprouts
  • Find out which sprout is known to have anticancer properties
  • Sprouts are a dieters best-friend with low calorie count yet high nutrition levels. They fill you up and keep ya skinny
  • Which seeds are popular sprouting seeds and which seeds are NOT recommended for sprouting
  • How to turn any kitchen into a home indoor garden, saving hundreds on grocery’s while increasing nutrition levels on the table.



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